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Emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher (MP4 Download) - English

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Emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher (MP4 Download) - English

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Today, untold guidance and support are being offered to humanity by a group of fully enlightened Teachers known as the Masters of Wisdom. In response to the critical needs of our time, They have chosen to return to public roles in the world and offer Their counsel.

At the head of this group is Maitreya, the World Teacher for this Age. He comes as a modern man concerned with modern problems - an educator in the broadest sense. He will inspire us to create a brilliant new civilization based on freedom and justice for all, beginning with the simple advice to "Share, and save the world."

Millions of people have heard this captivating message of hope as British author and esotericist Benjamin Creme travels the world speaking about Maitreya's emergence. In this recent lecture, Mr. Creme discusses the root causes of today's global turmoil and the specific steps that will be needed to bring about a true and lasting peace.

Within this context he also addresses such diverse topics as: the principle of sharing, an impending worldwide stock market collapse, karmic law and the need for harmlessness, cooperation vs competition, the role of the Masters of Wisdom and the promise their presense holds for our future, and the Day of Declaration - when the World Teacher will speak to all humanity simultaneously.

Many consider Benjamin Creme to be today's most powerful voice challenging the 'prophets of doom' with his positive and compelling vision of the future.


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    Posted by TAD on 2024 Mar 28th