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Messages from Maitreya the Christ - Messages 25-34 (Cassette Tape)

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From 1977 to 1982, in preparation for His emergence, Maitreya gave a series of Messages through Benjamin Creme during public lectures in London. The method used was mental overshadowing and a telepathic rapport thus set up.

Maitreya's Messages of sharing, co-operation and unity inspire readers to spread the news of His reappearance and to work urgently for the rescue of millions suffering from poverty and starvation in a world of plenty.

In Message No. 11 Maitreya says: "My Plan is to show you that the way out of your problems is to listen again to the true voice of God within your hearts, to share the produce of this most bountiful of worlds among your brothers and sisters everywhere...."

Maitreya's words are a unique source of wisdom, hope and succour at this criticial time of world change, and when read aloud these profound yet simple Messages invoke His energy and blessing. Many find that playing one of these audio versions before their meditation helps to still the mind and create soul alignment. Much of Maitreya's energy that was transmitted to the audience at the time these Messages were first given is re-released each time they are played.

According to Benjamin Creme, the messages played from a magentic cassette tape are approximately 30% stronger than from the digital MP3 version.