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The Art of Co-operation

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Why is the world perpetually in crisis, on the brink of self-destruction? Essentially, says British author Benjamin Creme, it is because we do not yet realize that we are one global family sharing a common planetary home. Upon that recognition, and the new approach to living it will engender, rests the destiny of the world.

In his tenth and latest book, Creme emphasizes that co-operation among people and nations is not optional if we choose to survive. It is the very foundation upon which a brilliant new civilization can be built.

Steeped in the 'ageless wisdom' that substands all the world's spiritual traditions, Creme traces the origins of the competitive spirit and shows its gradual replacement by co-operation as humanity advances. He describes the illusions that hide our fundamental unity and explains how ending our sense of separation will lead to a great leap forward in human evolution. He further reveals:

* Why competition--rooted in fear--is never 'healthy'

* Why a 'war'--on anything--is counter-productive

* What the atomic structure of the universe has to do with the desire to join a group

* How the simple act of sharing resources would immediately ease tensions worldwide

* How the 'American dream' impacts the rest of the world

While solutions abound, it will require extraordinary leadership to guide their swift implementation. To help us in this task, the World Teacher--Maitreya--and His group, the Masters of Wisdom are now taking Their places among us, Creme says, ready to work openly again after many thousands of years behind the scenes.

For more than 27 years Benjamin Creme has traveled the world raising public awareness about the Masters of Wisdom. "Without the presence of the Masters," says Creme, "I believe we would not achieve the sharing, and therefore the justice and peace, which is required. It takes Their galvanizing spirit, energy, and wisdom to create the conditions to lift humanity, to inspire us; and also to show us what will happen if we do not change."

235 pp, ISBN: 978-90-71484-26-1