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The Great Approach, New Light and Life for Humanity – Audio

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Avid readers of Benjamin Creme's writings eagerly await this new chapter in the unfolding 'biggest story in history': the gradual return to everyday life of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom. Known publicly for well over a century, these advanced spiritual teachers — the custodians of humanity's evolution on planet Earth — are quietly taking their places to live and work openly among us.

In The Great Approach, Creme carefully introduces the subject to first-time readers as well. What is it like, he asks, for a Master of Wisdom to return to live amidst the cacophony and chaos of the modern, everyday world? Even if we cannot comprehend the immensity of a Master's consciousness, can we imagine returning to the polluted city after an extended stay in a pristine retreat?

The ninth in a series of books by the British esotericist, artist and author, this non-fiction work describes in simple yet profound terms the implications of this great event, not only for humanity but also for the Masters themselves.

In this potent book, we become aware of the Masters' vision of the rich and fulfilling life ahead for humanity that will result if we heed their counsel and transform ourselves and our institutions. It presents their blueprint for creating a fair and viable economic order and a world free from want and war.

We preview remarkable scientific advances including a new source of unlimited energy soon to be discovered, some of the revolutionary medical and environmental benefits that will result from its use, and the true role of genetic engineering.

We explore the possibility of people everywhere awakening to their true inner nature, beyond the grip of fear and conflict.

Within the near future, Benjamin Creme affirms, a new and expanded consciousness will gradually unfold. Commercialization and the thralldom of greed will wane, pollution and the scourges of disease and poverty will abate, and civilization as we now know it will be transmuted utterly. In explicit detail, he explains how and why.

The Great Approach is the sure voice of the future, written to guide and inspire us, to show us the nature of the time immediately ahead and beyond, to set us anew on the journey to our birthright, that of divine beings inhabiting a sacred planet.

Read this book and rejoice: an heroic future is ours to claim and build under the inspiring presence of the great Teachers who now walk among us.