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The Overcoming of Fear (MP3 Download) - English

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"Fear, I suppose, has to be the most obnoxious, destructive, corrosive, limiting, inhibiting emotion to which we are prone. It seems that there is nobody in the world who is free from its grip, except the Masters of Wisdom.

     "We are enjoined to overcome fear, to be fearless. Every teacher of any note who has spoken to humanity, or shared his vision and insights with humanity, has made this a number one priority of living. The question is, is it possible for us to live free of fear? You cannot know yourself, freedom, the nature of reality, happiness, joy or bliss if you have fear, and if you have any fear you have all fear." - Benjamin Creme.

     In this 67-minute MP3 digital download, Benjmain Creme offers practical techniques for changing our approach to reality and gaining control over the astral reaction of fear.

Running time: 67 minutes