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The World Teacher For All Humanity (2nd Ed.)

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As Maitreya, the World Teacher, stands poised ready to emerge into full public work, this book presents an overview of the many ramifications which will flow from this momentous planetary happening.It details the planned return of our planetary Hierarchy and the descent of Maitreya from His Himalayan retreat in July 1977 and of His work in the world, albeit behind the scenes, since then. It speaks of the enormous changes His presence has brought about; of His plans and projects, and His priorities and recommendations for the immediate future. It shows Him as a great and powerful Avatar and, at the same time, as a friend and brother of humanity.Maitreya's advice will bring humanity to a simple choice between two lines of action: to ignore His recommendations and continue in our present mode of life, and so face self destruction; or to accept gladly His counsel to inaugurate a system of sharing and justice which will guarantee a peaceful and prosperous future for humanity, and the creation of a civilization based on the inner divinity of all men.

128 pp, ISBN: 978-94-91732-39-3